9 Unique Tips on how to prepare for the entrance exam

Getting Admissions into a reputed college is not so easy these days. Students have to clear Entrance exams that too with excellent Marks. There is certainly no scope for a student having average marks in a dream college. The preparation starts right from the school when you are specified as per your streams in XI. NCERT books play an important role in shaping and building a solid foundation of knowledge. But you need some practical aspects as well. Here I have curated 9 unique tips for your sure shot success in the Entrance examination.


  • Dare to Dream


Dreamers are achievers. If you don’t have any dream means it’s like you are traveling without a destination. Dare to dream and make that happen with your hard work, determination, and dedication. Believe me, nothing is impossible, as impossible itself says that “I’m possible”.


  • Appropriate study Material


The Base of all Entrance exams is your NCERT books. If you are not in sync with NCERT books or are preparing from other help books. It’s Useless. NCERT books should be in your first line of study. DO you know, even the most prestigious exam in India “UPSC” strictly follows NCERT Books and syllabus. So, you must have covered each and every topic in depth. If you are not able to solve the problem; there are many NCERT solution books available over the internet. It just requires to be explored well in time.


  • Make a timetable


Timetable doesn’t mean for a day or week. But you should equip yourself with a long-term planning. The very first day when you enter class XI, the preparation for your dream begins. It just requires a right direction. Make sure that you are clear with your concepts from the day 1. Ask your teachers, explore YouTube videos or check some online resources for concept clearance. Note that you will not ask questions directly in the paper but the application of those concepts would be asked. So make sure that all your concepts are 100% clear that’s what we call as “funda clearance”.


  • Set up milestones


While preparing for any entrance exams make sure you set up small achievable milestones. Such as that “organic chemistry will be fully completed by the end of July” etc; something like that. This will help you to keep a track of your progress which is a very vital step in the exam preparation.


  • SWOT Analysis


Yes, it’s a big term. But the earlier you realize this, the easier would be your target to achieve. Make a note of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. While studying you know which areas you are good or bad. It’s high time that you improve your weaker areas if there is ample time left for your entrance exam. You must be very clear about the opportunities ahead with the backup plans. Suppose you are not able to crack the engineering entrance exam, what should be your next action? Would like to give up or ready to prepare with double the enthusiasm by giving n year drop.


  • Practicing exam pattern


There are many online mock tests happening in the e-world. You can also prepare at some coaching center. The preparation is incomplete without a mock testing your abilities. What if you know everything, but you are not able to manage your time on the exam day. So, preparing by giving mock test is an integral part of your preparation.


  • Interpreting the question right way


We have a misconception that every entrance exam question would require a specific technique to solve and will not be solved just by applying a simple formula. But that’s not true. It may happen that some question would be straightforward and merely requires calculation. So it’s very important to understand and correctly interpret the questions.


  • Previous year’s question papers


This is really as important as giving mock tests. Preparing through previous years question paper is likely to give you the trend analysis that how question is designed for the entrance exams. Last 10-year question paper would be enough study material for your preparation. These are easily available in the market. If you are not getting that, you can download them online with solutions.


  • Never Say Die


And yes, never say die at any time. Take small gaps in your preparation and stay motivated. Stay away from social gathering but do not cut off completely. Always stay happy and keep your parents updated. It’s the teachers and parents who can motivate you even in the darkest of times.

Just follow these 9 easy tips and start preparing for your dream. Don’t forget to seek blessings of teachers, parents, and god before attempting any of your exams, be it in school or life!

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